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See what our students on campus thinks about De Core.
graphic design on campus

Julia Kim

Graphic Design
Art Center College of Design, 2019
La Canada High School​​​​​

Best art academy!! I have been going for six months, and it has been an amazing journey. Also, I was able to create an amazing portfolio. As a result, I got in to my dream school. De Core’s teachers are really supportive and helpful. Above all, this is the right place to go. I love and thank De Core very much!

interaction design UI/UX on campus

Jasmine Kim

Interaction Design
Art Center College of Design, 2019
Scholarship: $60,000
La Canada High School

If you are planning on going to an art school or need help on your portfolio, De Core is the right place to be. Most importantly, they have the most caring and talented teacher who really want you to succeed. No other studios can get any better than De Core!

on campus illustration

Claire Song

Art Center College of Design, 2019
Scholarship: $64,000
Temple City High School

I am so thankful to have come across this amazing art academy. First of all, I got into the school of my dreams. Second, I have drastically improved my art skills to prepare myself for college. Third, the instructors really know what they are teaching and always wants the best for you. They are dedicated and always puts the students as their priority.

transportation and interaction design on campus

Ian Sterling

Transportation and Interaction
Art Center College of Design, 2018
Pasadena City College

I have had the opportunity to study with the instructors at De Core over the past 8 months on campus. As a result, I have learned far more than expected and improved my artistic, design, and presentation skills dramatically.

product design on campus

Yerin Cho

Product Design
Art Center College of Design, 2019
Sejong University

De Core is a place more than just an academy to help build your portfolio for admission. They foster the professionalism of students as future designers. In addition, the instructors have gone through the same process for admission and have professional experiences. They understand what is required for admission and prepares students exactly for that.

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First we recommend that students and parents to make an appointment for consultation. Some of our classes require prerequisites. Here at De Core we can help students to get the appropriate guidance.

If you have any further questions, please use a contact form on the right. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Supporting our students on campus to achieve their dream internship.
hewlett packard, hp, on campus

Hon Li

Industrial Design Intern at
Hewlett-Packard Inc., 2019

Art Center College of Design

If you are looking to get into a good internship, Decore is where it's at. Before I came I had trouble understanding what made a good portfolio, how to become unique in the sea of similar portfolios, and what the industry was actually looking for. I was also not exactly happy with the level of my work as well. 

However, at Decore, Yosef and Joon broke down what our portfolio is designed to do and the psychology behind the recruiters reading it. They also gave me amazing insider information on what the current market is looking for. The education I got here helped me improve my digital rendering capabilities and drawing skills as well. This helped me set up an amazing portfolio that got many responses from internships when I started applying. Now I'm interning at a Fortune 100 company under a top design team in the consumer electronics industry. I can honestly say I wouldn't have made it here and thriving without their help.

popsockets on campus

Yeonjae Yoon

Industrial Design Intern at
PopSockets, 2019

Art Center College of Design

This is the best place ever to prepare for internship! As a 3rd year student at Art Center, I was missing important fundamentals and attributes that are required for internships. Since joining De Core, I was taught a variety of skills to organize my work. As a result, I got offered by many design companies. De Core does not teach you what you haven’t learned, but everything that you need to know. The instructors does much more than teaching. In other words, they coach and guide you in the entire process of applying for internships.

Seohyeon Lee

Internship at
Second White Studio, 2019

Art Center College of Design

If you are looking for an internship preparatory class to take, this is the place! The instructors are very knowledgeable and can really help you elevate your 3D modeling/rendering skills. I started the class not knowing much about 3D rendering, but I have improved significantly with the help of the product design class and instructors. Highly recommended!

daniel simon studio on campus

Sangwon Lee

Internship at
Daniel Simon Studio, 2018

Art Center College of Design

My experience with Joon started after my 4th term in Art Center College of Design. I was feeling lack of confidence in my skillset, portfolio content, and level of knowledge to oversee my own projects. We started out re-establishing some of the basics of car design. This, in fact, was a huge improvement for me. Because of Joon, I was able to build my portfolio with much better understanding. Apparently, the effort and mileage are the key ingredient to improve, but it would not be happened without Joon’s teaching. Therefore, I finally achieve my goal to get an internship offer by Daniel Simon

hyundai genesis design on campus

Rung Lee

Internship at
​Hyundai Genesis, 2019

Art Center College of Design

I learned directly from Joon to improve my design skill around my 3rd term at Art Center College of Design. Most importantly, he helped to prepare my professional portfolio. As a result, I have received an internship at Hyundai. I thank and give credits to Joon for guiding me.

bmw design on campus

Hyein An

Internship at
BMW in Germany

Art Center College of Design

It was very helpful to build internship portfolio. It was not just easy and fun to train, but I have no doubt since I made some fantastic result! (BMW internship) Thanks for training me and support!

jaguar design award on campur

Annie Jung

Prize Winner at
Jaguar Design Award 2017

Art Center College of Design

Before I met Joon, I had a hard time executing my idea into design solution. Since then, he has shaped me to turn my abstract ideas into concrete design solution efficiently. Much appreciation to Joon and De Core.


decore instructor on campus

Instructor: Joon Yi

Education: Art Center College of Design
Major: B.S Transportation

Experience: Divergent 3D, Mercedes Benz, Honda, and more.

Joon has extensive professional experience in automotive design based in CA.

decore instructor on campus

Instructor: Ahmi Roh

Education: Art Center College of Design
Major: B.F.A Illustration, anticipated for 2019

Ahmi has a professional experience in illustration design based in CA.

decore instructor on campus

Instructor: Yosef Lee

Education: Art Center College of Design
Major: B.S Product

Experience: Masimo

Yosef has a professional experience in a medical product design based in CA.

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