Fundamental COURSES

Classes for students who want to build their fundamental skill set in art & design.
Strong curriculum to build foundation and technique make students to become a great artist and designer in relative major.

Oil Painting

An introductory course to the basics of oil painting. There are weekly class sessions over five weeks.

Pen & Ink

Learn the basic skills in drawing & composition. Introductory class for developing creativity and visual expression. 

Basic Photoshop

A quick five week course teaching the basic methods of photo editing and design in Adobe Photoshop.

Draw Shoes

Learn the basic shoe design and exploring a variety of footwear sketch. Approach your shoe sketch by deeper understanding of shoe terminology. 

Draw Car

Introductory class about how to draw car. This class is for students who are interested in automotive design.

Basic Life Drawing

Learn about fundamental skills to draw human figure with proper proportion and compositions. Class. Weekly class session is available.

Intro to Dynamic Sketch

Introductory class about how to do a sketch. This class is for students who are interested in drawing and sketching.

Creative Art

Class for making creative art piece with solid concept without any medium restriction.


Class is for beginning level students who are interested in pursuing a career in illustration and fine art.

Visual Communication

Class for industrial design visual communication. Student will learn basic perspectives and composition knowledge.


Classes for students who want to enhance their ability in relative majors.
Prerequisites class from fundamental or compensate level of previous work must be fulfilled to take our intermediate classes.
If you need more information, please contact us at 213.500.4665 or [email protected]

Interaction Design (UI/UX)

Understanding foundations of interaction design. This class is for students who are willing to pursuing a career in UxUi design.
  • Art College Portfolio
  • supplementary Materials
  • Internship portfolio


Entertainment Design (Extended to Illustration)

Product Design

Car Design