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We teach art & design.
Intermediate / High School Courses

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Are you planning to apply to college or art school? Need help with your application? Our courses and instructors can help you develop your portfolio. No risk! Only pay if you  are satisfied and decide to continue.

Courses for Intermediate / High School Students

Creative art painting

An introductory course to the basics of oil painting. 

Industrial design (Car)

An Introductory course is mainly focusing on how to draw a car in right proportion.

Industrial design (shoe)

Understanding about Shoe / Footwear design and exploring a variety of footwear sketch.

Figure Drawing

An introductory course to the basics of oil painting. 

Analytical figure drawing

Learn the  basic skills in drawing & composition.

Digital Painting

Basics of photo editing and design in Adobe Photoshop

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

Pablo Picasso

We help you develop your portfolio.

Supplemental Portfolio

We accept middle school students who are 14 years and older for all classes at the academy.

Art School Portfolio

Our instructors are experienced advisors for high school students seeking artistic mentorship.

College Application

We provide evening classes for working adults looking to develop their artistic skills.

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How the courses are structured

De.Core Academy specializes in providing students with a open classroom environment with highly-qualified instructors. This open environment fosters a safe culture for young artists to develop.

Why these courses are the best

  • 1
    An exciting and fast pace of learning
  • 2
    One on one feedback and practice
  • 3
    Tailored assignments and coursework 
  • 4
    A focus on developing individual portfolios

Our students say...

DeCore is a fantastic educational design studio if you are looking for a place to develop a very high level portfolio for both academic and professional goals. 

- Art Center College of Design 2018
   (Transporation / Interaction)



DeCore is more than simply making a portfolio for admission. Since instructors have professional experiences, they know what admission want and what preparations students need before they go in.

- Art Center College of Design 2018




Course Prices

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4 session

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Duration per lesson: 180 min

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20 lessons

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Duration per lesson: 180 min

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