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Ian Sterling
ACCD Fall 2018


I have had the opportunity to study with the instructors at DE CORE over the past 8 months and have learned far more than expected and improved my artistic, design, and presentation skills dramatically.



Internship at Deniel Simon Studio


My experience with Joon started after my 4th term in Art Center College of Design. I was feeling lack of confidence in my skillset, portfolio content, and level of knowledge to oversee my own projects. We started out re-establishing some of the basics of car design. This, in fact, was a huge improvement for me. Because of Joon, I was able to build my portfolio with much better understanding. Apparently, the effort and mileage are the key ingredient to improve, but it would not be happpened without Joon’s teaching. Therefore, I finally achieve my goal to get an internship offer by Denial Simon.



Internship at BMW in Germany


It was very helpful to build internship portfolio. It was not just easy and fun to train, but I have no doubt since I made some fantastic result! (BMW internship) Thanks for training me and support!



Internship at Hyundai Genesis


I have trained from Joon to improve my design skill around my 3rd term at Art Center College of Design and to prepare my professional portfolio. I fortunate to have internship at Hyundai after all hard work. I thank so much to Joon for guiding me.



Winning a Prize – Jaguar Design Award 2017


Before I met Joon, I had a hard time executing my idea into design solution. Since then, he has shaped me to turn my abstract ideas into concrete design solution efficiently. Much appreciation to Joon and DE CORE.



Internship at Sketchers: Footwear Design Intern


The most valuable tip that I learned from DECORE is that small details make a huge difference. By learning this lesson, my design process improves so much better than ever. Thank you DECORE!