DE CORE Art & Design Academy is a specialized design studio in building art portfolio for college preparation.

We provide students with the professional instructors in art and design industries to provide the highest quality programs, as well as instructing students to build up their future education and career plans based on practical experiences of our instructors


Professional teaching staffs

Learn from Designers
and Artists

Located in Pasadena, CA, we are providing the highest quality programs and the experienced instructors from different fields for college preparation and skill enhancement.

Innovative Art/Design Classes

Tailored Programs


_Illustration _Entertainment _Product _Automotive _Graphic _Interaction _Architecture 

Skill Enhancement

_Character Design _Draw Shoes _Draw Cars _Oil Painting _Figure Drawing _Pen Art 

Job/ Internship Portfolio

Career Development

Prepare your portfolio from professional mentoring and skill enhancement. Students can improve their quality of their works through our private sessions. 

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